Paul Ryan Cashes In With $300 Million “Blank Check Company,” Officially Joins The Swamp


Paul Ryan was always a fraud. We all can see that clearly now after his time in Congress has come to an end. The real tragedy of Ryan’s betrayal is what he did to Trump and Trump’s America First movement.

Ryan fought it, sabotaged it, and in almost every way worked to undermine Trump’s agenda unless it mirrored exactly what he wanted.

In short, Ryan discarded what got Trump and elected and pushed through what Trump fought against and that is why this election with Biden is close.

Ryan of course cashed in when he left politics with a move that made the Clinton’s blush – he moved his unspent campaign donations (millions) to a foundation he controls.

If Bill and Hillary were rightly called out for having a foundation/slush fund then so should Ryan.

So what has Ryan been up to since he pulled a Clinton? He just cashed in with a lucrative deal in a $300 million “blank check” company.

What is that? Well, you won’t ever get access to these but they are highly lucrative and highly secretive, and when you combine those two things and a man like Ryan you can expect some serious shenanigans.

From The Hill:

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will serve as the chairman of Executive Network Partnering Corp., a blank-check acquisition company, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

The group will tentatively seek to collect $300 million in an initial public offering, the Journal reported.

Blank-check acquisition companies, also known special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC), go on the stock market before acquiring a business with the hope of raising enough funds to take over an existing commercial operation.

These ventures have increased in popularity since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Journal noted.

The company, which will use the ticker ENPC, will reportedly file paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the next few days.


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