OUCH! James Woods OBLITERATES Obama Over #MEMO Release. “Fixing a Presidential Election” NOT GOOD.

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The MEMO is finally out and things don’t look Good for Obama, Hillary, and their Crooked Crew.

The dems are panicking.

Fox News reports:

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee on Friday released the memo, which states “concerns with the legitimacy and legality of certain DOJ and FBI interactions” involving FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, of Trump associates during the 2016 election.
The dossier, authored by former British spy Christopher Steele and  commissioned by Fusion GPS, was paid by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign through law firm Perkins Coie in an effort to conduct opposition research. It included salacious and unverified allegations about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia.

No one in liberal Hollywood has more common sense and bigger b*lls, than actor James Woods. Over the last two years, Woods has become a conservative hero on Twitter.

Woods calls the liberals out for their corrupt BS, time and time, again, and he’s not afraid to tweet about. And, tweet he does.


When Woods found out they were releasing the “memo”, he couldn’t help himself, but had to call out Obama, and rub it in.

When the new jobs report came out today, Woods posted this:

This should obliterate the last of ’s horrid legacy. Eight years of the .


When The Memo finally came out today, Woods hit him with this one!  OUCH!

So Obama’s government, the , and members of the all conspired to fix a presidential election by deceiving a secret court allowed to spy on American citizens? Russians couldn’t have done a better job destroying sacred American institutions than have.

Who do you think will go to jail first?  Please comment and SHARE!


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