Ouch! CORRUPT TO THE CORE. Dem’s SINK to All-Time Low! Hillary STILL in Charge. Liars and Cheaters BACKSTABBING EACH OTHER.

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This story of the modern Democratic Party would make a great story line for a movie.  You would have to have a great screenwriter, though, because there are so many different evil and twisted characters, and so many incredible plot twists.  (VIDEO BELOW)

In the latest scene, which transpired this past week, the evil ex-presidential candidate/loser still controls the party and successfully thwarts the election of of a black Muslim supporter of her former socialist Democratic primary rival to the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  The ultimate winner, her hand-chosen pick, is a communist.  (VIDEO BELOW)

The story gets even more interesting when the viewer learns that the evil ex-candidate is also the former First Lady of the United States, former Senator and former Secretary of State.  She and her husband, the former POTUS run an international slush fund disguised as a charity and sold US secrets and influence to foreign countries during her time as Secretary of State.

Check out this video. There is so much losing and so much craziness within the Democratic party that you just can’t make this stuff up.  The mainstream media will HIDE this stuff. Please SHARE this with everyone you know. 


Both of the two previous leaders of the Democratic National Committee were either ousted for cheating or got caught cheating.  And now this.

Donna Brazile is the outgoing Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  She received that job because the former Chairperson, Debbie Waserman Schultz, was FIRED once e-mails surfaced showing that the DNC literally cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination.  Later evidence surfaced showing that Brazile, while a contributor for CNN, gave Hillary Clinton debate questions before the debate in further attempts to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination for president.  These are sick, corrupt people and they are running one of the two major political parties in the country.


The Democrats don’t just cheat against Donald Trump and the Republican party, they routinely cheat and back-stab each other! 

If you agree the the CLM (CROOKED LIBERAL MEDIA) needs to quit lying, printing FAKE NEWS, and start covering what President Trump is doing to fix our country, then please SHARE SHARE SHARE this with everyone you know!  🙂



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