OMG! Reporter Tries To Embarrass Sarah Huckabee And Immediately Regrets It!

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President Trump has been attacked numerous times from left wing biased hacks throwing punches every minute they get. (VIDEO BELOW)

With that being said, two clowns who call themselves journalists, continue their daily Anti-Trump bashing, and who are some of the dangerous “destroy trump media.” Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarbourgh from “Morning Joe.” CLOWNS(VIDEO BELOW)

Today, President Trump finally had enough, by standing his ground, and sent out a well deserved tweet, putting the two clowns in their places. None the less, the left and press have freaked out for standing up for himself. President Trump fights fire with fire! (VIDEO BELOW)

During the White House press briefing today, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders stood up once again to the ridiculous press, defending the President’s tweets, ALONG with the personal attacks towards herself. (VIDEO BELOW)

She is absolutely perfect for this job, because she brings out a big can of whoop a$$ for the whiny brats once again in the press room. The President is creating jobs and fixing the country, and day after day the press only wants to talk about President Trump’s tweets, instead of focusing on issues. The reporter’s in the room are out to get the President, and trying to make it into a TV reality show. (VIDEO BELOW)

**See below for President Trump’s tweets, and the video of Sarah giving the press the well deserved beating they deserve. She shuts them down immediately! (VIDEO BELOW)

“He [President Trump] when he get’s attacked, is going to hit back! The american people elected someone who is tough, smart and is a fighter. That’s Donald Trump. And, I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that he FIGHT’S FIRE WITH FIRE!”

**Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders destroy the crooked press below.

BOOM! We LOVE Sarah Huckabee-Sanders! Thank you for standing up to the CROOKED press.

** Are you fed up with all the “entitled” liberals and lying Government Officials attacking the President of the United States, while they themselves think they are above the law?

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