OMG! Obama’s Brother Just Did the UNTHINKABLE! Barack is PI$$ED!

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Malik Obama is Barack Obama’s half brother and today he tweeted a picture of Barack’s KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE! (SEE BELOW)

Barrack’s brother is not the only one who knows the truth.

In December, Sheriff Arpaio announced he and his team had concluded a document presented as President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was fake!!! (see link)

Watch VIDEO Below:

WOAH!!!! Would you like to see Obama behind bars for a fraudulent birth certificate? This may be the biggest scandal ever pulled in American history. Sheriff Joe is determined to get to the bottom of this and nothing is stopping him. Malik is brave for tweeting his brothers birth certificate. Do you want to see justice prevailed if the birth certificate is proven to be fake? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. Share this breaking new information with everyone you know before they remove this from the internet. The mainstream media is NOT going to let this get out.

Give Malik Obama a HUGE Thank You and Share this with everyone you know!


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