Obama’s Go Full Hollywood, Buy Film Rights To Trump Bashing Book


He just couldn’t help himself – Barak Obama just bought the film rights to an anti-Trump book and the joke is on him. Let me explain, the book is not the sordid tell alls that sold millions like Bob Woodward’s book or Michael Wolff’s shocker.

Nope, in typical Obama fashion, he bought the rights for the most boring work about the Trump age, one about the importance of bureaucrats.

Not kidding…only Obama. That said the author Michael Lewis has had a string of hits that did translate well to the big screen but due to their complicated subject matter would take a steady hand. In other words, not Obama’s.

The Obama’s scored a massive deal with Netflix to produce content including movies, documentaries, and other related content. The deal the Obama’s have with Netflix is a multi-year deal and just one of the ways they are cashing in as the Clintons did. From Grio:

The Fifth Risk, was released earlier this month and chronicles the White House chaos that followed the 2016 presidential election, according to Deadline.

The Fifth Risk asks the question: “What are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works?”

Lewis is expected to make the announcement today that the Obamas optioning of his on Katie Couric‘s podcast.

 The book zeroes in on the inner workings and chaos of the Agriculture, Commerce, and Energy departments since Trump took over.

“I did three departments, because it would be the work of many lifetimes to do the whole government, but you could do this in a fun way across the entire government,” he told Couric according to Deadline.


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