Newt Gingrich Takes Off Kid Gloves, Reveals One Thing That Will Shame Obama Forever

Image Source: Salon

Newt Gingrich does not suffer fools. He came out with a blistering critique of the horrific foreign policy record of the Washington D.C. elites today while offering a passionate and correct defense of President Trump.

The bureaucrats think they know best, no matter the evidence, and they aim to take us all down with them.

They have lost the plot so to speak and rely on theories, myths, and unproven ideas like dynamic scoring to justify their actions.

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics,” Mark Twain borrowed that phrase and made it popular in his time.

And it is still true today.

Take China. The smartest guys in the room convinced themselves that giving away America’s middle class and our strategic advantage was good for business.

The realists among us knew this would be a historic blunder. Of epic proportions.

But they went ahead and created their “New World Order” anyway and were exposed in the process.

As simple shills working for the highest price to manufacture truths that sold out America but enriched themselves and more importantly the CEO’s who paid them to bend the numbers away from the truth.

Sad really.

But sadder still is the backlash against Trump for finally putting an end to the greatest scam in history.

Sure they will lose their cash cows when Trump ends the gravy train but they will also be exposed as the scam artists they are, and they fear that almost as much as they fear losing their gravy train.

Newt Gingrich summed it up better than me when he wrote this in a piece for Fox News:

“President Trump’s speech Monday on national security will be in the great tradition of Presidents Truman and Reagan. Four presidencies – Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama – built their strategic efforts around a system of global multilateralism defined by lawyers, diplomats, and elite media. The gap between their idealistic vision and reality has been staggering. Disasters in Venezuela, Libya, Crimea, Syria, and elsewhere have demonstrated the collapse of the “New World Order” fantasy.

The Trump campaign focused on these foreign policy failures as a major component of its appeal to millions of Americans. Candidate Trump’s critique was sincere, and President Trump has now moved to replace the failed doctrine of the past.”

Thank God for President Trump, share if you agree.


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