After New Email Leaks, Trump Sends Shivers Down Huma Abedin’s Spine With Brutal Warning Of What’s Coming Next

Source: MAGA Fan Club

Huma and Hillary just can’t get out of each other’s way. They really are a match made in heaven – two incompetent dolts who can’t do a damn thing right.

Can you imagine if those two fools were running the country and the world right now?

The corruption and appeasement and weakness and bribery would be so bad as to cause absolute chaos in Washington.

When everyone knows they can pay to play the rules quickly go out the window as do the laws and ethics and morals.

Washington D.C. is not a place known for its morality but what Hillary and Huma did when they had power under Obama is a travesty of epic proportions.

That they have not been prosecuted like the pervert Anthony Weiner is a black mark on our impartial justice department.

But their day of reckoning may soon be at hand, and it is about time don’t you think?

President Trump went after Huma Abedin today after a bombshell report was leaked to the press that according to the Gateway Pundit confirmed that Huma “forwarded top-secret passwords to unsecured personal email accounts, which were then hacked by foreign agents.”

Russian agents to be precise.

Imagine…the arrogance to do this and think they could get away with it?

Hillary and Huma violated a sacrosanct Federal Law –  FOIA (our right to known what our leaders are doing) that separates us from the rest of the world.

We demand accountability from our leaders and we do this through accessing their public records. They work for us – to purposefully try to avoid FOIA requests with a private server is close to the worst thing a government employee can do.

But to put national security at risk in the process of trying to keep your dirty secrets from your boss, the American people, is beyond the pale and needs to be investigated immediately.

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