Neil Gorsuch Comes Forward, Sends Hapless Liberals Scurrying Back Under Rocks They Crawled From

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Neil Gorsuch was an amazing choice for the Supreme Court. But that never stopped the left from going full tilt to oppose him.

It was and still is, the left’s opposition to the eminently qualified Gorsuch, a dumb political move.

Legal scholars all agree he has a sharp judicial mind and his decisions, while a few may be controversial, are always rooted firmly in the law.

But because of the way Gorsuch was nominated, the left in America harbors a grudge against the man.

They still foam at the mouth every time Gorsuch speaks or writes an opinion.

Supreme Court judges are for life and the sooner the left can move on the sooner the country can come together.

The first thing the left can do is actually listen to Gorsuch’s words, like the very wise words he just spoke at an appearance at Stockton University.

Gorsuch said according to Red State:

“To preserve our civil liberties, we have to work on being civil with one another,” Gorsuch said. “When others acted in an uncivil manner, you will be tempted to respond in kind…

“But it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable,” Gorsuch continued. “At the end of the day, your character is the most important thing in your possession. I’ve got pretty civil colleagues. Disagreement is part of the job description. It doesn’t stop us from having dinner together.”

And because the left will probably not listen to Gorsuch with an open mind, maybe they will listen to Ruth Ginsburg who echoed the same sentiment.

“Someday, I hope we will get back to the way it was…I think it will take great leaders on both sides of the aisle to say, ‘Let’s stop this nonsense and start working for the country the way we should.’”



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