Nancy Pelosi Trashes Melania Trump Before Big Speech: “It’s ridiculous, that shouldn’t be happening”


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Melania Trump today taking a few cheap shots at both.

She blasted Pompeo’s pre-recorded Republican National Convention speech from Jerusalem calling it “appalling.”

Pelosi said, “It’s appalling. Of course, we have not seen this by anyone, as you’ve said, as records show, Democratic or Republican.”

“Who would have the secretary of state engaged, and as the secretary, himself cautioned employees at the State Department that they should not be engaged in any partisan activities because they work for the State Department.”

“Now he’s doing just that thing.”

“Then, of course, really sadly, discoloring our bipartisanship in terms of our support for Israel, which has always been bipartisan, and we always want it to be.”

She went on:

“The image is something that’s going to say, look at us, we’re here in Israel making a speech to the Republican National Convention, violating our values in terms of the bipartisanship and our support for Israel.”

“Violating in many ways what he told his own employees that they are not allowed, it would be a violation of the law if they were to engage in partisan activities,” she added.

On Melania Trump’s speech Pelosi said, “I mean, the Rose Garden, it’s ridiculous, that shouldn’t be happening, but who cares?”


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