Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Apologize To Senate GOP For Claiming They Are ‘Trying To Get Away With Murder’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to apologize for her scandalous comments about the Senate GOP and police reform.

Pelosi infamously said recently that Republicans were “trying to get away with murder, the murder of George Floyd.”

She doesn’t care if she loses credibility as long as she can pretend to do something for her base when in reality she is just taking cheap political shots – all talk no action.

Empty and useless and Mitch McConnell even predicted it would come to this. “What fascinating times we live in,” he mocked.

From The Washington Times:

“Absolutely, positively not,” Mrs. Pelosi said on MSNBC, saying the press has given Senate Republicans too much credit for their offer on policing legislation.

“They’re saying, ‘well you have your bill. They have theirs.’ Yeah, our bill does something — theirs doesn’t,” said Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat. “When you all in the press say well, can’t you compromise? No, we can’t compromise if you say ‘no chokeholds’ and they say ‘some chokeholds.’”

Senate Republicans’ bill provides incentives for law enforcement to ban practices such as chokeholds and calls for more reporting on the execution of “no-knock” warrants, while House Democrats’ bill includes outright bans on the practices.

“Their bill is a non-starter,” she said.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Pelosi said Republicans were trying to “get away with murder” in the ongoing push for new laws in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police last month.

“So far, they were trying to get away with murder, actually — the murder of George Floyd,” she told CBS News.

Earlier Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader McConnell called it a “jaw-dropping” comment.

“Trying to get away with murder? The murder of George Floyd? That’s the speaker of the House accusing Senate Republicans of trying to get away with murder?” said Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

“Are you beginning to see how this game works?” he said.


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