MSNBC Pundit Just Said The UNTHINKABLE To President Trump!

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The fake news hacks over at MSNBC are dedicated to nonstop President Trump bashing, day in and day out, creating reality TV, and false narratives. Surprising, they have reached another new low: inciting that President Trump treats women badly. Please catch the sarcasm, we are not really surprised. LOL! However, it’s a little rich when they [liberals] push the sexism card, and then trash Republican women. Hypocrites. (VIDEO BELOW)

Here’s the deal, when you attack a man repeatedly, a proud man, an accomplished man, who is a “man’s man;” and you attack him personally, you attack him for his looks, you attack him for his genitalia, at some point, a MAN IS GOING TO STAND UP!  (VIDEO BELOW)

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You want him to act PRESIDENTIAL? Then you have RESPECT for the office of the president!  (VIDEO BELOW)

MSNB Pundit Donny Deutsch takes the low road by challenging President Trump to a schoolyard FIGHT, to defend “strong” liberal women’s honor, because of President Trump’s recent tweet about Mika and Joe. Good grief.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Donny tells President Trump to meet him in the schoolyard and calls him a coward.

Of course, Joe Scarborough chimes in telling Donny that he wants to teach his children respect, and to do unto others as you would have them do unto them. Funny, coming from Joe, considering the garbage that spews from his mouth on a daily basis. (VIDEO BELOW)

MSNBC has a PROBLEM. From morning to night it’s the same damn show with different people, different dresses, different suits. It’s the same thing. The same thing with CNN.

You can’t make this stuff up. This is the GARBAGE that is supposed to be “news.”  (VIDEO BELOW)


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