Monica Lewinsky Knocks Hillary Clinton Off High Horse After She Defended Bill’s Abusive Behavior


Hillary Clinton is on another apology tour/cash grab with her husband Bill. It is a typical Clinton affair – full of bluster and half-truths all designed to make them look like heroes instead of the goats they turned out to be.

Simply put – Bill and Hillary’s support of NAFTA and the crime bill (both examples of politics at its worst) destroyed her chances to win the rust belt and thus the presidency and rather than accept her loss and admit her role in what caused it she blames and makes excuses.

And Monica Lewinsky for one is not having it. Look, Hillary helped cover up for Bill for years.

Monica wasn’t the first to be abused by Bill, she just had the added benefit of being dragged through the public for trusting Bill.

So it is like opening old wounds for Hillary to keep apologizing for Bill’s behavior for those who suffered under it.

As reported by Business Insider: 

At the dawn of the #MeToo movement of women coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against mostly men in power, Lewinsky wrote that she had been moved to tears and deeply empathized with the accusers.

“[W]hat transpired between Bill Clinton and myself was not sexual assault, although we now recognise that it constituted a gross abuse of power,” she wrote at Vanity Fair.

 But the former first lady during an uncomfortable interview on “CBS Sunday Morning” gave a different version of events.

“In retrospect, do you think Bill should’ve resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?” CBS correspondent Tony Dokoupil asked her

“Absolutely not,” Clinton said.

“It wasn’t an abuse of power?” Dokoupil continued.

“No. No,” said Clinton.

Clinton then called for President Donald Trump, who has been accused by numerous women on numerous occasions of sexual misconduct or assault, to be investigated.


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