Moments Ago, Pres Trump HUMILIATED Nancy With EPIC BLOW She Will Never Forget

Image Source: ABC News

President Trump spoke at the annual Republican winter retreat in West Virginia Thursday afternoon.

Following his historic State Of The Union Address Tuesday night, the President responded to the Democrats rude behavior sitting and not applauding.

He called them out and also put Nancy Pelosi in her place. (VIDEO BELOW)

While delivering remarks to the House and Senate Republicans’ legislative planning conference, President Trump said, “There was zero movement from the Democrats. They sat there stone-cold, no smile, no applause… Perhaps they’d rather see us not do well than see our country do great.”

He praised the GOP Tax Bill that was passed and told how many people are very happy about receiving higher paychecks along with bonuses.

Then, President Trump went in with the epic blow humiliating Nancy Pelosi after she called the extra money American’s are seeing as “crumbs.” He added that her statement is as bad as Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” comment. (VIDEO BELOW)

“Corporations [are] giving tremendous bonuses to everybody that Nancy Pelosi called ‘crumbs.’ That was a bad – that could be like ‘deplorable.’ Does that make sense? ‘Deplorable’ and ‘crumbs,'” President Trump said.

Watch President Trump humiliate Pelosi and put her to shame:

President Trump is absolutely right in calling Nancy out. She is so out of touch. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below and share the news.


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