Mike Huckabee Sets Internet On Fire, Wipes Smirk Off Luis Gutierrez’s Face In Epic Fashion

Source: Screenshot

Luis Gutierrez destroyed what was left of his reputation with his weak publicity stunt during Trump’s first State of the Union Address.

A few Democrats didn’t show up for the event and Nancy Pelosi reportedly warned those who did to not walk out.

According to reports, Pelosi warned them to respect the office, not the man. It was a rare moment of lucidity for Nancy if true, but Luis Gutierrez didn’t get the memo.

During one very patriotic moment – when the crowd actually chanted USA…USA…USA… to the good news Trump was reporting about the state of our union – it’s mostly good news these days but if you watch CNN and MSNBC it is all doom and gloom, maybe Luis should turn the channel once in a while? – Luis went looking for publicity. (See more below video)


He staged a weak protest against America itself and walked out at that precise moment.

The left ate it up and he made the rounds of all the talk shows beaming like a little child just potty trained.

He bombed, mostly because his self-congratulatory smugness infected his speech making him worse than your average insufferable liberal.

Total joke except he didn’t know the joke was on him.

Enter Mike Huckabee. Who just wiped the smirk off Luis’ face in epic fashion. Say what you will about Mike, but he is pretty funny.



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