Michael Avenatti Hangs Head In Shame As Shady Past Comes Back To Haunt Kavanaugh Accuser


Michael Avenatti is desperate to be taken seriously as a political candidate who can slay giants.

Not even close.

In fact, after his most recent debacle vouching for an obviously troubled individual with a shady history backfired, he will be lucky to win an election for dog catcher.

From The Daily Wire: Julie Swetnick, who is represented by sensationalist Democratic lawyer Michael Avenatti, faced serious allegations of misconduct in a lawsuit brought by Portland-based Webtrends, a company where she was employed for a few months in 2000.

Webtrends said in the lawsuit that Swetnick claimed that she graduated from Johns Hopkins University and that the company subsequently learned that the university had no records of her ever attending, and that she also made false claims about her work experience. OregonLive reports:

The suit also alleges Swetnick “engaged in unwelcome, sexually offensive conduct” while at Webtrends and “made false and retaliatory allegations that other co-workers had engaged in inappropriate conduct toward her.”

The suit alleges Swetnick “engaged in unwelcome sexual innuendo and inappropriate conduct” directed at two male employees during a business lunch, with Webtrends customers present. Swetnick claimed two other employees had sexually harassed her, according to the suit.

The tech company said that Swetnick engaged in misconduct but never found any evidence to corroborate any of the allegations she made against her coworkers.

From The Daily Caller:

 A friend of Julie Swetnick, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of being present at parties where gang rapes occurred, is disputing a claim that she made in a personal injury lawsuit she filed in 1994.

Swetnick claimed in the lawsuit, filed against the Washington Metro Transit Authority that she lost $420,000 in income after injuring her nose during a fall on a train in 1992.

Swetnick, who is being represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, claimed to be an actress and model at the time and said she lost “numerous modeling commitments” because of her injury.

But a man who Swetnick listed as a witness who would provide evidence of her lost wages is disputing key claims she made in the lawsuit.

Swetnick listed a company called “Konam Studios” to support her claim of lost wages. She listed Nam Ko as an owner of the company.


But Ko told the Associated Press that he did not own a studio and that he never hired Swetnick for modeling work.

He also told the AP that he met Swetnick more than a year after she allegedly injured her nose.

“I didn’t have any money back then. I (was) broke as can be,” Ko said.

He told the AP that he vaguely remembered Swetnick asking him to be a “character reference,” but believed it was for a job application and not a lawsuit.


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