Michael Avenatti Gets Brutal And Very Expensive Dose Of Karma From Federal Judge


Michael Avenatti just got some very bad news and he will probably be starting a go fund me page any minute.

Avenatti’s fiscal problems have been well documented – The IRS is after him, landlords are hawking him, his ex-wife is spilling the beans and now he just got the news from a federal judge.

Who just ordered the lawyer made famous for his porn star client to pay $4.8 million smackers to his former employee.

It seems clear Avenatti is doing everything in his power to stiff this guy of the millions owed. Avenatti says the guy stole clients on the way out and owes actually owes him money.

But a client can fire an attorney at any time and move their business to whoever so Avenatti’s claims fall flat. This guy really is something else, huh? From The Hill:

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing adult-film star Stormy Daniels in her legal battles against President Trump, has been ordered by a federal judge to pay $4.85 million in a dispute with a former colleague.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dennis Landin on Monday ordered Avenatti to pay the money to Jason Frank, the ex-colleague who sued him over an unpaid debt.

The San Diego Tribune reported that Frank also won a $10 million judgment against Avenatti’s firm, Eagan Avenatti.

Frank’s attorney, Eric George, told the paper that “finally the right thing happened” after Landin’s ruling.

“My client has had an awful lot of money owed to him for a lengthy period of time, and it has been delayed through one tactic or another,” he said.

Avenatti claimed in a statement to The Hill that Frank owes him and his law firm, Avenatti & Associates, $12 million.


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