Michael Avenatti Challenges Donald Trump Jr To Public Fight


Dear God, make it end. Michael Avenatti’s fifteen minutes of infamy that is. Avenatti, desperate to stay in the media spotlight he craves, just challenged Don Trump Jr to a duel.

Seriously, he wants to fight Don in a three-round MMA brawl for charity. No doubts that would do exceedingly well on pay per view.

As reported by The Washington Times: If you think politics is already a bloodsport, Michael Avenatti reportedly wants to make it a literal bloodsport.

According to Dylan Byers, the senior media reporter for NBC News, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is challenging the president’s son to an MMA fight.

“I’m having lunch with Michael Avenatti at the Vanity Fair Summit and he’s proposing a three-round mixed-martial arts fight with Donald Trump Jr. for charity. No joke,” he wrote Tuesday afternoon on Twitter, tagging the accounts for both men.

Mr. Avenatti, who also was instrumental recently in bringing uncorroborated sexual-misconduct accusations against Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, said he would be willing.

Mr. Avenatti said his share of the purse would be split equally between two causes that would get under the Trump skin.

“My portion of the proceeds will be split 50% to rebuilding Puerto Rico and 50% to @RAINN,” he wrote.

Mr. Trump had no immediate reaction.

But should he (literally) toss his hat in the ring, Mr. Trump could train under one of the most legendary coaches in the fight game.

Pat Miletich, also a former champion in the UFC’s early days and a member of its Hall of Fame, responded to Mr. Byers‘ tweet by downplaying the seriousness of a fight — and then offering his services to one side.

“Except none of you can bust a grape and I’ll gladly train Jr to smoke you in the cage,” he wrote.


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