Mark Levin Sets Internet On Fire, Says One Thing That Will Shut Kristen Gillibrand’s Big Mouth Forever

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Mark Levin does not suffer fools like Kirsten Gillibrand. Never has and never will.

It is an absolute pleasure to listen to the “Great One” destroy the left on a daily basis.

To take on their frauds and dissect them one point at a time. His show should be required listening for all liberals if they want to start winning elections again.

And what Mark Levin revealed about one Kirsten Gillibrand will not only shame her forever but will end her quest for higher office.

Because all lies come out in the end. Always, every time and her past is littered with misdeeds and puzzling decisions.

“You’re a fraud. You’re a chameleon,” Levin said of Gillibrand. “ A class a hypocrite.”

And he is spot on. For years she sucked up to the Clinton Cash machine (and the Trump donation machine).

She sold her soul for power, influence, and money to say nothing of the Senate seat she ‘inherited’ from Hillary.

Now she wants to lead the charge against men behaving badly forgetting she excused and promoted the behavior of the worst serial abuser in the history of Washington D.C.

And with all the recent bombshells about bad behavior that is saying a lot!

“Here we have the Democrats working with the media to try and change the subject from Hollywood, from Congress to Donald Trump,” Levin added. “It was always going to be the case.”

Yep… because the left lives by a deadbeat mantra long since discredited: “Do as I say not as I do.”

Today truth and action and results matter and for that we can thank Trump for knocking some sense in the swamp.



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