Malia Obama FLOPS for Video, Immediately REGRETS IT! Michelle FURIOUS!


The former First Daughter Malia Obama, was caught looking like a complete fool at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. She was caught on camera rolling around on the ground, while pounding her fists into the ground. One can only wonder if she was on drugs. Yes, lots of kids dance, and lots of kids do drugs, but NOBODY dances like that without being on drugs! Her parents must be so proud. (VIDEO BELOW)

Many liberals are defending Malia for letting loose at Lollapalooza, however they also defended her at the same event just a year prior, when she was caught smoking weed!! (VIDEO BELOW)

Image Source: New York Post

You will not see President Trump’s children acting like this. Furthermore, the contrast between how the media treats Obama’s children and how they treat Trump’s children is ASTONISHING! (VIDEO BELOW)

Take The View for example: when they mocked Barron Trump’s reaction to the picture of Kathy Griffin with Trump’s severed head. Or, when a writer for SNL went so far to attack Barron Trump that she said he would be the country first home-school shooter. Barron Trump is 10-years old, but he’s had to withstand attacks from the media when he didn’t even do anything wrong. (VIDEO BELOW)

However, shame on you if you have anything bad to say about Malia Obama smoking weed and thrashing around on the ground at Lollapalooza.  (h/t Milo)(VIDEO BELOW)

Here a few tweets of liberals defending Malia:



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