Madonna Crosses Line With New Trump Insult, Attacks George Washington and Calls Trump A Nazi In Uninformed Rant


Madonna crossed the line with a scandalous attack on President Trump and lost what little credibility she had left.

Dr. Fauci and others said Trump has not given any order to slow down testing yet the media ran with the story (Trump didn’t do himself any favors by making the alleged joke) until it reached the uniformed like Madonna.

Madonna quickly got on her high horse and attacked Trump and called him a Nazi over the false smear.

It is true that the Trump admin is transitioning away from running testing centers themselves and letting the states take over. We don’t know yet what this will look like or how it will affect testing.

Madonna wrote on Instagram:

“Let me get this straight……..

Let’s slow down testing of Covid in America because the numbers of people testing positive are getting too high for Trump to deal with……….

And lets make it a law for anyone who burns the flag to go to jail for one year but lets have no law or reform or consequences put in place for Police officers who shoot and kill black victims for no reason!!

Finally – Trump is upset about George Washingtons image being desecrated even though George Washington owned Slaves!!

I’ll take Sleepy Joe Biden any day over this White Supremacist

Aka/ Nazi Aka Sociopath thats in The WHITE HOUSE!

Time to Wake Up.”

Madonna’s Twitter feed is nearly dedicated to BLM.

See her Instagram post here.


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