Lou Dobbs is MAD as HELL! Demands End to Witch Hunt and Prosecution of Clinton’s and Obama.

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No one in the media can call it right every time like Lou Dobbs can. If Trump supporters are thinking it, then Dobbs is articulating it for the world! He even gives us those great FOX Business “power point” charts as well.


Dobbs is sick and tired of the ridiculous “Russian Collusion Witch Hunt”, and he’s not afraid to call it exactly the way he sees it, which is SPOT ON 99% of the time!

As President Trump and his attorneys  prepare for a possible interview with the Chief Witch Hunter, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Dobbs points out just how ludicrous that idea is and discusses why the Clintons and Obama really need to be investigated.

Are you ready to see the Clintons and Barack Hussein Obama thoroughly investigated?


Yesterday Lou Dobbs tweeted the following:

.: “I believe it’s well past time we all focus on the real evidence of wrongdoing and that is the wrongdoing of the Clintons, the Obama administration, and yes, if you must, throw the Russians in as well.”


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