Loony Liberal Peacock get his FEATHERS RUFFLED! O’Reilly SHUTS HIM DOWN! Wham!! Watch this….

Screenshot FOX News
Sometimes I like Bill O’Reilly and sometimes he irritates me. Last night he was awesome! When Geraldo Rivera insists that the Russians hacked our election and caused Hillary Clinton’s loss, then tries to tie the latest news about general Flynn in with that, Bill won’t have any of it.  (see video below)
In this three minute” Battle Royale, loony liberal Geraldo Rivera insists that the Trump campaign was in constant contact with Russia and the KGB. Bill O’Reilly just lets him have it. (see video below)
Watch this video and if you agree with Bill O’Reilly please SHARE SHARE SHARE this with all your friends! The CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) not only hides the truth they try to make it up. It’s up to the ” we the people” on social media to get the truth out. Thank you! (see video below)

Posted by Dan Sessions on Thursday, February 16, 2017


The KGB?  Give me a break!  The sad thing is that Geraldo really believe all the crap he is spewing. I don’t think most of the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) actually believe half of their lies.  Either way there is a war going on folks.  It is a war between the CLM and “we the people” aka “the truth”.  The only way we can win is to SHARE the truth via word of mouth and social media.

Fox News screenshots
If you agree the the CLM (CROOKED LIBERAL MEDIA) needs to quit lying, printing FAKE NEWS, and start covering what President Trump is doing to fix our country, then please SHARE SHARE SHARE this with everyone you know!  🙂



SHARE SHARE SHARE!  Show President Trump we care!!! Thank you and God Bless!




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