Liz Warren Embarrassed By Her Own DNA As Test Shows Less Indian Blood Than Average American


This is the Trump effect. President Trump, unlike all other politicians, knows how to drive the narrative.

He understands it is key to paint the proper picture of an opponent before the opponent can because it keeps Trump on the offensive and his opponents on defense.

Just like Liz Warren is now – she actually took a DNA test because she was afraid of Trump labeling her Pocahontas.

Sadly for her, the test raised more questions than answers and just served to make her look weak, which is a bad look for a serious presidential candidate.

As reported by The Daily Caller: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren released the results from a DNA test Monday proving that she has statistically less Native American DNA than the average American white person.

Warren’s DNA results are significant because of her extensive history of claiming Indian and Cherokee heritage in her political and professional career. Warren released the results of her test, which showed her to potentially have 1/1024 Native American DNA dating back six to 10 generations. This sets the lowest bound of Warren’s Indian DNA at .098 percent and the highest at 3 percent.

The average European-American has 0.18 percent Native American DNA, according to a comprehensive study by the Genetic Literacy Project.

The study reads:

With respect to European Americans, the percentages are much more different than African Americans or Latinos, with European American genomes being 98.6 percent European, 0.19 percent African and 0.18 percent Native American. In general, the numbers seem to agree with what one would expect given the history of American colonization by Europeans and their interactions with African and Native Americans.


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