Listen (VIDEO) What Legendary NFL Joe Theismann Believes About President Elect Trump

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On Stuart Varney today, legendary NFL player Joe Theismann exclaimed his praise for Donald Trump, and believes he is capable of GREAT CHANGE and compares him to Reagan! (VIDEO BELOW)

“What President-elect Trump wants to do is reduce taxes; it’s something Ronald Reagan talked about. He wanted cuts, and cut government spending.”

“He want’s to increase spending when it comes to the military. Those were part of the Reganomics that existed during that time.”

“There was a time for great change back in the early 80’s, just as we’re seeing a time with a great change now, as we enter a new decade with the 45th president!Joe Theismann stated.

WATCH BELOW: (Check out what he also says at the end) 🙂

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4 days until the biggest Liberal- Crybaby Obama, exits the Oval Office, and AMERICA will be GREAT AGAIN!


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