Lindsey Graham Boards TRUMP TRAIN, Big Time! WATCH Him Praise Trump and Call Out Establishment Flake and Corker.

Swamp Drain

Holy guacamole! Is it possible the Senator Graham (R-SC) is moving away from the Establishment and fully embracing the Trump Revolution? It sure sounds that way.

Wednesday morning on FOX News’ Look Who’s Talking, Lindsey Graham  praised President Trump and stated, “Most people don’t know who Bob Corker and Jeff Flake are.”


Partial transcript from Senator Graham:

Sometimes you take it out in the street. Donald Trump takes most of his fights out in the street, so sometimes people return it in like kind. But, we’re not going to be successful or fail because of MSNBC or CNN. Most people don’t watch those cable networks.

Most people are working for a living. Most people don’t know who Bob Corker and Jeff Flake are.


Most people want President Trump to succeed. A lot of people don’t like his tweeting and his punching down and kicking every barking dog, mostly Republicans don’t like that, but I’m going to be around him for the rest of his term, I hope.

He’s got a chance to do big things on immigration. I think Donald Trump has the best chance of fixing a broken immigration system, better than Obama and Bush. So, let’s do what we got sent up here to do.

President Trump got to the heart of the issues with Flake and Corker, tweeting:

It the second one, Graham really praises President Trump for his charismatic demeanor at the congressional lunch this week.


“I can tell you one thing, that Donald Trump admires John McCain’s service, no matter what he’s said in the past. He loves the military, President Trump does. It was upbeat. He was lighthearted. He was funny as hell. He picked different people out of the crowd, including John, and said very complimentary things.” Lindsey Graham


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