Leading Liberal Breaks With Dems, Finally Admits Truth About President Trump

Image Source: Washington Times

Trump’s right says a leading liberal and former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman.

More Democrats should have the courage to come forward and speak the truth and it is sad that the only ones who do are the ones not running again.

Look, the Democrats are sheeplike cowards who think opposing Trump’s America first agenda is going to return them to power.

They think betting against America is a good career move. History has shown that to be a bad bet but the Dems, like a bunch of lemmings, seem to want to rush headlong over the cliff.

They have a choice so let them make it but any Democrats who want to have a future in American politics should listen to the wise words of Joe Lieberman.

Speaking to Newsmax TV Joes said,

“President Donald Trump is right to take an America first approach to foreign policy…It’s America first, which frankly it always should be America first. Our foreign policy, our defense policy should always be about American freedom, American security, American prosperity.”

Correct and it is about time the left got in line and started putting this great country first. Joe continued,

“But this president by this document is fully engaged in the world to protect our security and our freedom and our prosperity, and I found it, in that sense, to be reassuring. I don’t agree with everything about it, but I think it’s a strong statement, and it’s an honest statement. It’s realistic.”

An honest liberal? Who would’ve thought those still exist?

Look you can disagree with Trump and you can argue the other side but only if you are honest. And that is what the left will never learn – they think we are all as dumb as their constituents.

We are not. Share if you agree.


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