Kris Paronto Just Pulled Back Curtains & Exposed Comey For The Lying Fraud He Is

Image Source: Left- GQ, Right- Conservative Tribune; MAGA Fan Club compilation

Monday, top FBI official Andrew McCabe was “removed” from his post as deputy director, leaving the bureau after months of conflict-of-interest complaints from Republicans including President Trump.

After yesterday’s shocking revelation, McCabe is taking “terminal leave” – effectively taking vacation until he reaches his planned retirement in a matter of weeks. As such, he will not be reporting to work at the FBI anymore.

McCabe has long been a controversial figure at the bureau.

Republicans have questioned McCabe’s ties to the Democratic Party, considering his wife ran as a Democrat for a Virginia Senate seat in 2015 and got financial help from a group tied to Clinton family ally Terry McAuliffe.

In addition, President Trump tweeted in December:

“How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?” 

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said during Monday’s press briefing that Trump “stands by” his previous criticism of McCabe but was not involved in the departure.

“The president wasn’t part of the decision-making process,” Sarah Sanders said.

However, after the news broke, many Democrats defended McCabe after his retirement broke. Eric Holder was among one. You can read more about that HERE.

Then, James Comey came forward from under the rocks he’s been hiding, tweeting the following:

“Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood tall over the last 8 months, when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. He served with distinction for two decades. I wish Andy well. I also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI. America needs you.”

But, Kris Paronto swooped in and pulled back the curtains, exposing Comey for the lying FRAUD he is.

According to Dagger News, Kris “Tanto” Paronto is a former Army Ranger and “part of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack on the US Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012.”

Kris is a TRUE American HERO and someone we should admire and respect. Someone we should all thank for protecting this great country and this land of the FREE.

Kris sent a direct message to Comey and he hit it to the heart of the matter; right where truth intersects with painful reality.

Paronto lays it out Patriot-style and hits a major TRUTH nerve!

“Served with corruption and zero integrity, just like you James. Go away, and take your fake patriotism with you. i @HillaryClinton #Coverup #HillaryForPrison #comeyforprison”

BOOM! Kris hit the nail on the head. It’s a good reminder to the rest of America from someone who knows what it’s like to be betrayed by the very politicians who profess to care for America and American’s. Where is all that integrity? Great question. Comey can preach all the “holier than thou” but, in the end, actions speak louder than words.

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of Kris’ ‘right on target’ attitude about Comey. Thank you, Kris Paronto, on behalf of patriotic American’s everywhere!

(h/t Dagger News) (Fox News)


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