JUST IN: OBAMA Tweets- Calls Trump “AN ICON TO KIDS”! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Account Has Been Verified.

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Unlike every other President in modern history, Barack Hussein Obama is not stepping aside for the good of the country to let the new President govern. Out of office for just 30 days, Barack Hussein Obama has a new corporate headquarters, 250 offices around the country, and 30,000 employees. Their sole purpose is to interfere, and fight the Trump administration every step of the way. It is despicable. It is Un-American! SEE ARTICLE –THIS IS REAL!! Obama’s Shadow Government: LOOK what’s in the DC Building! Be Scared! Be very Scared!! Did Barack just tweet something really nice about President Trump? Of course not!    🙂

No, not Barack Obama! LMAO. C’mon give me a break!!!


We are talking about the good Obama, the smart Obama, the Obama who has supported Donald J. Trump every step of the way. We are talking about Malik Obama, Barack’s brother.

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“I will support Donald Trump because he is a humble and honest guy. He is a guy who can help people. It’s an opportunity for Americans to give Trump a chance to become president.”  Malik. Obama 

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Malik Obama has been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump since the primaries. He is a big part of the Trump twitter and Reddit communities, is an outspoken critic of Hillary Clinton, and his own brother, Barack, as well.


You will notice that the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) always makes a big point of pointing out that Malik is Barack Hussein’s HALF brother, versus “whole brother.” They probably do this to distance Barack Hussein from his brother since he doesn’t always agree with the US President.


My youngest SISTER is technically my half sister, but in my mind and heart, she is my sister and I love her, and think of the same as my other siblings. I don’t go around saying “hey, here comes my half sister,” or call her wonderful boy “my half nephew.”  That would be rude and insulting.

According to Malik from USA Today. (source: USA Today):

“I will support Donald Trump, because he is a humble and honest guy. He is a guy who can help people. It’s an opportunity for Americans to give Trump a chance to become president.”  M. Obama 

“I don’t like (Hillary) Clinton. She is dishonest and a liar. She keeps on lying about emails every time.” M. Obama

“I love President Obama, because he is my brother, But, Obama is a hypocrite. He is not helping us at all. … Obama has done nothing for this family for the last eight years. We have been waiting for his help in vain.”

M. Obama




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