JUST IN: Trump at NATO, Manhandling RUDE Socialists and Having a BLAST Doing it! BAM!!

Image Source: Swampdrain.com

Moments ago, an epic viral video was uploaded to Twitter showing President Donald Trump making a complete jackass of French President Emmanuel Macron. Get ready to laugh your ass off!

After Macron clearly ignores his invitation for a hug, in favor of embracing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump proves once again America is back with balls! We lead from the front not the back! President Trump makes America Great Again! No more pushover, sissy Obama. (VIDEO BELOW)

The clip below shows Trump walking alongside several NATO leaders towards Macron, and little piss-ant Macron angles off towards Merkel, leaving President Trump standing awkwardly with his hand outstretched. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump, as the man he is, got the upper hand, however; when Macron finally reached out to shake his hand, President Trump looked so powerful that it made Macron’s arm look like it belonged to a rag-doll! Then, Macron receives a nice slap on the back, like the little puppy he is. LOL! We are number one in the world and it is high time they are reminded of it. (h/t Milo)


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