ISIS Erupts In Rage After Seeing What Just Happened To Saudi Arabia’s Favorite Mosque

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Saudi Arabia is by far the biggest exporter of terror in the world and they know it and won’t admit it.

Saudi Arabia spreads by far the radical of all Islam, Wahhabism, through funding and building Mosques throughout the world.

This form of Islam is followed by many of the terrorists working the planet today, including some in the USA.

They fund the mosques and send in radical Imans to preach hate against the west (infidels).

In other words, they promote it throughout the world and our stupid leaders turned a blind eye.

Thanks, Barack Obama.

Look, we know the problem at the root of spreading this venom and we know the solution – hold the Saudi’s to account.

Belgium, clearly fed up with being a nexus of terror has had enough. Here’s hoping the rest of the world follows suit.

From the Daily Mail:

Saudi Arabia has agreed to give up control of Belgium’s largest mosque in an attempt to shed its reputation as a global exporter of radical Islam.

Belgium leased the Grand Mosque to Riyadh in 1969, giving Saudi-backed imams access to a growing Muslim immigrant community in return for cheaper oil for its industry.

But it now wants to cut Riyadh’s links with the mosque, near the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels, over concerns its ultra-conservative brand of Islam breeds radicalism

A classified report by Belgian security agency OCAD/OCAM in 2016 said the Wahhabi branch of Islam promoted at the mosque led Muslim youth to more radical ideas, sources with access to the report said.

“The mosque has influence to spread this hateful ‘software,” a senior Belgian security source said. “Nobody paid attention for decades.”


But Trump has had enough and is taking a much tougher stance on terror and Saudi Arabia.

He won’t get any credit for the changes that are happening in that Kingdom but it is no mistake that they are finally making changes after Trump’s state visit last year.



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