In Middle Of Meeting, Pres Trump ADMITS One Thing STUNNING Reporters & Everyone In Room

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President Trump arrived in Switzerland where he will promote his “America First” policy.

He arrived Thursday morning where he’s gathering with global, political, and business leaders at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

President Trump is the first visit by a sitting President to summit in Davos since Bill Clinton appeared in 2000. (VIDEO BELOW)

Gary Cohn, the White House senior economic adviser, said “America first is not America alone. When we grow, the world grows; when the world grows, we grow. We’re part of it, and we’re part of a world economy. And the president believes that.” 

President Trump tweeted the following before his departure:


While in Switzerland, President Trump met with major business leaders in a meeting. One by one they spoke at the table and told why they are investing tens of billions BACK IN AMERICA.

While in the middle of the of the meeting President Trump comes forward and announced,


This is not the first time President Trump has admitted his love for Jesus Christ, and there’s no denying it. He’s not afraid to admit his love for the Lord.


WE WILL PREVAIL! OUR PRESIDENT IS THE GREATEST, AND GOD IS IN CONTROL! He let the leaders and the press at the meeting know who the ALMIGHTY ONE is.

Fast forward to 4:14 in the video. This is an AMAZING moment in time! (VIDEO BELOW)

President Donald J. Trump meets with global business leaders.

Posted by Fox News on Thursday, January 25, 2018

We are so thankful that God has chosen Donald Trump to stand in front of the world as our President, and protect the Christian faith. If you are PROUD, share this with every Christian and Proud American. May God’s Blessings continuously reign down on President Trump and America!


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