Immediately Following Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing, CNN Does This Nasty Thing To Trump!


It’s no surprise CNN is still fuming about Trump’s presidency, and in turn, they have lost 100% of their credibility. Today, Sean Spicer gave his first full press briefing, but the DISHONEST MEDIA only cares about Trump’s crowd size at his inauguration. They are not covering the REAL ISSUES!


The dishonest media was jumping in their seats to give Mr. Spicer a hard time at every opportunity, and twist narratives. Among one of the questions, the media asks Sean about his statement on Trump’s inaugural attendance. Shockingly, it came to surface a number of times during the briefing. The fact of the matter is, President Trump had a record number of people at his inauguration and millions watching live on the numerous news outlets and YouTube. The reality is, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ect., ect., still cannot accept it. They are still pulling everything string to make President Trump a horrible monster.


Immediately, following Sean Spicer’s press briefing, CNN replays over and over Mr. Spicer’s statement about “bringing truth to the table” to the press. However, they only are playing a short clip of Sean’s response to the public. THEY ARE FAILING TO SHOW THE FULL CLIP! Sean, asked the media to start TELLING THE TRUTH, and called them out on a number of their lies.

CNN is NOT showing this after Sean just asked them to be honest!


Watch Sean put Jim from CNN, in his place! THIS IS THE FULL RESPONSE!

“It’s not it’s not just about a crowd size. It’s about this constant, you know.. he’s not going to run. Then, if he runs, he’s gonna drop out. That if he runs, he can’t win. There is no way you can win Pennsylvania, no way he can win Michigan. There is this constant theme to undercut the enormous support that he has, and I think it’s just unbelievably frustrating when you’re continually told it’s not big enough, it’s not good enough, you can’t win.
I think it’s important he’s going out there and defied the odds, over, and over, and over again. And, he keeps getting told what he can’t do by this narrative that’s out there and he exceeds it every single time and I think there’s an overall frustration when you when you turn on the television over and over again and get told that there’s this narrative that you didn’t win you weren’t going to run you can’t pick up this state.” Sean Spicer.
If you agree with Sean Spicer, share his message because the media is NOT showing this. They are only out for their ratings, and running partial clips of Sean’s response to full-fill only their narratives and ratings.
Where is the coverage on the policies CNN? STICK WITH FACTS, AND AMERICA FIRST! This is why we don’t trust you. See below for the full video of the press briefing.


 Here is the FULL Press Briefing Below:

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