WHERE IS HUMA? Is that Her Under Hillary’s Bus? Hillary Throws Her Top Aide and “Best Friend” Out of the Campaign. Here’s How…..



Huma  Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s longtime aid and best friend is MIA. She’s missing in action from the Clinton campaign plane and bus. And speaking of buses, we suspect that crooked Hillary may be throwing Huma UNDER THE BUS.  

Anyone who knows the lying psychopath Hillary knows that she would not hesitate for a moment to throw even her best of friends under the bus to achieve any objective she is set out to reach.


Just 10 days before the election The FBI announced they were reopening the investigation against Hillary Clinton because of some emails and found on Huma Abedin’s laptop because her husband (now separated) Ex-congressman, serial Sexter and known pedophile Anthony Weiner is under investigation for his alleged interactions with a 15-year-old North Carolina girl.

At first Huma said she had no idea where of the 10,000 emails on her laptop came from. Information has now  surfaced that apparently she sent herself an “insurance file” with these 10,000 emails.

Be very quiet and listen for a minute. Can you hear that? That’s Hillary blowing a gasket!

It’s possible that Huma got scared and left of the campaign trail on her own volition but it’s more probable that Hillary sent her away for damage control and I will be blaming everything she possibly can on Huma in the days to come.


Abedin has made sworn statements to the FBI in the past that she had turned over everything and if Huma is not forthcoming and doesn’t “sing like a canary” to the FBI right now she will be in some serious hot water.


While Huma has been holed up in her apartment or wherever she is for the past few days, Hillary Clinton’s 12 point lead in the national polls had slept all the way down to one point. And judging by what we’ve seen out in the streets and the voter sentiment of the people we’ve talked to this slide is not slowing down.

Huma Abedin is MIA. We can tell you exactly where she’s not. She’s not on the campaign trail with her boss and “best friend” Crooked Hillary Clinton. 

Anonymous, the hacker of WikiLeaks fame is supposed to drop the bombshell of all wiki leaks on Tuesday, November 1. On November 1 the 33,000 “personal” emails that Hillary deleted are supposed to be published by WikiLeaks.  Did FBI director James Comey take that into consideration when he wrote the letter to Congress re-opening the FBI investigation against Hillary Clinton? We don’t know but what we do know is that there’s something very very big behind that decision.  (source: Daily Mail)

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Donald Trump is laughing right now!

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