Hollywood Stars Release Secret Weapon To Beat Trump In Midterms, Falls Flat (Video)


You would think Hollywood would have learned a lesson in the new political reality, after all they helped bring it about, but they have not.

They are stuck in the days of past and should really listen to Avenatti if they want to start winning elections. In a system fraught with corruption and double-dealing and where the little guy rarely gets a shake, we will take the honest fighter every time.

We may not like everything an honest man says and does but at least we know where we stand and above all, in this hyper-competitive environment you have to earn out votes by fighting for it. (See Video Below)

The title of this short video Hollywood hopes will turn the tide is titled “Because It Matters,” and is directed by none other than Jodie Foster. You will notice some of the familiar faces like Cher, Julianne Moore, Tea Leoni, Sophia Bush, Ellen Pompeo, Constance Wu, and Lily Tomlin all lined up in a doomed effort.

“Women across the country have concerns and strong points of view and they can make a difference by going to the polls on November 6th,” Foster said about her involvement in the project. “We hope that this campaign, featuring familiar faces in the entertainment industry, will inspire others to share their views and more importantly take action on Election Day. It really matters.”

The video implores people to get out and vote to protect what they hold most dear and doesn’t mention a party but the intent is clear.


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