POW! Lou Dobb’s just DESTROYED Hillary’s 24 Excuses for Loss! The ONE REAL Reason is….

Swamp Drain

No one in the media can call it right every time like Lou Dobbs can. If Trump supporters are thinking it, then Dobbs is articulating it for the world! He even gives us those great FOX Business “power point” charts as well. (VIDEO BELOW)

In his latest show, Lou destroys Hillary Clinton by pointing out that she has come out with 24 excuses about why she lost the 2016 election but hasn’t taken one bit of the blame herself.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch Mr. Dobbs lay out the truth about Crooked Hillary, then please SHARE this on Facebook with everyone you know.  The CLM (Crooked  Liberal Media will do everything they can to hide the truth!


 *  quotes are Lou Dobbs from the video transcript
  • Clinton lost despite spending $1.2 billion or about twice what the Trump campaign spent
  • ” Clinton lost lost because she was a lousy candidate and arguably a worse person, cheating in the debates, cheating Senator Sanders and who knows what else.”
  • ” She has offered no fewer than 24 excuses about what cost her that election, at least 24 reasons why she lost, none of which include herself or her campaign.”

Hillary blames:

  • The FBI
  • Comey
  • Russians
  • Low Information Voters
  • Misogynists
  • Netflix
  • Democratic National Committee
  • even the New York Times

** The one thing Hillary has NOT mentioned is a chronic disease she suffers from.  This may be the one biggest single factor in her loss, yet she refuses to admit it.


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