Heitkamp Humiliates Hillary As Dems Tear Themselves Apart Ahead Of Midterms


Hillary is really doing her best to help the Democrats lose another election. The left is already furious with her for her epic loss and can’t be happy with her cash grab after.

To say nothing of her recent comments about civility that has enraged America.

The right, of course, saw through Hillary years ago and knew her as the fraud she revealed herself to be.

From The Hill: Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) on Tuesday ripped Hillary Clinton for saying that Democrats couldn’t be civil with Republicans.

“That’s ridiculous,” Heitkamp said on “Anderson Cooper 360.” “I mean I can’t imagine how you get anything done if you don’t bring civility back into politics, and that goes for both sides.”

Heitkamp went on to add that she hopes “we can find common ground in this country — that sexual assault is more prevalent than what people thought it was.”

 The comments came just days after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the high court after a highly contentious process in which he was accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Kavanaugh fiercely denied all of the accusation.

 Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, said on Tuesday that Republicans such as President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) “demeaned the confirmation process.”

 She also added that civility could only start again if Democrats retook control of Congress.

 “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength,” Clinton said.


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