Go Sarah! After Crushing Obama On Terrorism, She Humiliates DEMS On Tax Reform


Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders knocked it out of the park Tuesday morning when she was interviewed on Fox News’, Fox and Friends. (VIDEO BELOW)

When asked about President Trump’s speech from Monday as he spoke about national security, she pushed back crushing former president Obama, who was weak on securing America, and pointed out the big differences with the current president.

Obama toured the world handing out apologies, aka “apology tour,” while President Trump is putting “America First!”

Sarah pointed out that the previous administration’s policy was, “be nice to them, and they will be nice to us.” She held back her laughter and stated that our new president is much different in that- by defeating terrorism, and keeping his promises to keep America safe. (VIDEO BELOW)

“This is a president who has unleashed the power of the military power of the united states!”

She added, “You have really seen a lot of that success in the first year and it’s a great and very welcoming change from the previous administration.”

Then Fox and Friends moved on to ask her about tax reform and how big of a deal it is to pass it over the finish line. Sarah pointed out that not only is it a HUGE deal for the White House, but a HUGE deal for America. Middle America! Adding that the tax reform package is showing in the booming economy, and President Trump’s leadership. (VIDEO BELOW)

Shortly after, they moved on to subject of democrats who are opposing the Tax Reform Bill. Sarah pointed out that President Trump has said many times that he is willing to work with the dems and has invited them to come to the White House on several occasions. Only a few have showed.

Sarah slammed the obstructing dems saying that the tax cut will put more money in American’s paychecks, pockets, more money in businesses to reinvest in the country. She added that democrats shouldn’t have to be begged to be part of fixing the tax cut bill, and that they should be banging down the doors of the White House to be part of the process to help American’s to be successful.

Watch Sarah crush Obama and humiliate the obstructing dems.


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