Genius in the Oval Office: Trump Achieves Perfect Score on Cognitive Exam


No F*KE NEWS, President Trump does not have Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia 


The White House Press Corps has absolutely no shame.  Only hours after President Trump had to kick CNN’s F*KE NEWS, spray-tanned crybaby, Jim Acosta out of the oval office for trying to imply the president is racist, the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) is back at it again. (Trump Sets Internet On Fire, Wipes Smirk Of CNN’s Jim Acosta Face In Humiliating Fashion-Video)

A cognitive skills test is not normally a part of of an annual doctor’s physical, but President Trump was way too smart for the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media).  If he hadn’t talked his doctor into giving him the test, that he didn’t really need,  the press would be totally ignoring his all-positive results and would only report on some totally fictional, made-up BS regarding his mental condition.


The video below will blow your mind.   Despite the fact that the President’s physician stated that President Trump’s cognitive abilities were great, the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) actually asked the doctor questions related to their baseless lies.  Listen to this despicable reporter ask about Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  What the heck?


The President made a perfect score (30 out of 30) on his cognitive exam.

Posted by Swamp Drain on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Here is a summary breakdown of the President’s non-cognitive results courtesy of Lisa Marie with Dagger News:

President Trump is 75″ (6′ 3″ inches) tall and is 71 years old and 7 months at the time of the exam on January 12, 2018. POTUS weighs 239 pounds! And he has healthy teeth and gums! With a resting heart beat of 68 and a blood pressure of 122/74 the President is in excellent shape! And his vision is 20/30 and with corrective lenses 20/20. Perfect!
His temperature was 98.4. He has a full range of motion and no swelling or edema. With a fasting glucose level of 89, we do not have to worry about diabetes. His white blood cell count is normal so no worries with cancer or any other type of infection. He has no dermatological issues except he does take a cream for rosacea. His cholesterol is 233. With triglyceride is at 129, and HDL of 676 and LDF of 143, which is a 3.3 ratio.
With an LDL below 20 – no concerns for his heart – “his cardiac health is excellent” said Dr. Jackson. It is a bit bothersome but completely in control. Dr. Jackson would like to see him lose 10-15


Last year MAGA Fan Club reported that, NO, Donald J. Trump is not crazy.  He’s “crazy like a fox” according to world renowned psychiatrist Keith Ablow.  Donald Trump may do things differently than anyone has ever done things, but it’s not just “off the cuff” as it may look. Trump has a genius mind, and everything he does is by design. Many times the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) may think they are getting the best of President Trump, but in reality, they are doing exactly what he anticipated. How else do you think a presidential candidate could spend 1/2 as much as his opponent and win?


World Renowned Psychiatrist says Trump’s “Crazy Like A Fox”

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