WATCH: In 1942 Gene Autry Predicted Everything Trump is Saying TODAY! Makes you PROUD to be an AMERICAN!

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For people coming from other countries, living in United States is a privilege, not a right. This country was created by immigrants who came to the United States because they loved and respected the United States of America.  People who come here legally and respect our values will always be welcome here.   (VIDEO BELOW)

Today many immigrants come here illegally and don’t have any love or respect for the United States or it’s people.   It those people, the ungrateful criminals that need to go. (VIDEO BELOW)

Gene Autry, the actor and “singing cowboy” had this figured out back when Donald J. Trump was still a young boy.   Watch and SHARE this video.  In 1942 Gene was saying exactly what President Trump is today. (VIDEO BELOW)

 “If you don’t like your Uncle Sammy then go back to your home over the sea, to the land from where you came, whatever be its name, but don’t be ungrateful to me!”   Amen Gene Autry!

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