GAME OVER: Networks Looking to CANCEL ‘Thursday Night Football’


And… the hits keep coming! Bad news for Goodell and the overpaid drama queen kneelers throwing balls around.

Image Source: President Donald Trump’s Twitter

Network executives are scrambling to solve the growing problem of crashing ratings for the National Football League, by cutting games to end the perceived “over-saturation” of football on TV.

They are now weighing their options as the NFL continues to suffer after nearly two months of player protests; considering canceling up to 10 ‘Thursday Night Football’ games to boost up failing ratings.

The TV big-shots are proposing fewer Thursday night games to shore-up ratings in what many consider an “over-saturated” market. The concept would slim down the mid-week games from the currently scheduled 18 down to just ten.

“Ten years ago, the NFL had 32 game windows through week six,” reported Sports Business Journal. “This year, it is up to 39, a 22 percent increase. It’s even more crowded in college, where the 2007 windows to this point added up to 105. This year, it’s at 179, up a whopping 71 percent.”

Overall, NFL game viewership this season is down about 7 percent from the same point last season and 18 percent compared with the same point in the 2015 season. More concerning for network executives is the 11 percent across-the-board ratings drop in the 18- to 34-year-old demographic, the biggest drop of any demo,” says SBJ.

The NFL has been struggling to regain its footing following weeks of players choosing to “take a knee” during the performance of the US national anthem. The ensuing controversy gained national attention when President Trump called for a total boycott of the NFL until officials and owners require players to stand during the ‘Star-Spangled Banner.’

Image Source: Don Jr. Twitter

**As a result, ratings, ticket purchases, and merchandise sales have plummeted as football fans protest with their wallets. 

This letter from a die-hard Pittsburg Steelers fan hits the nail on the head, as it relates to how NFL fans feel about the players who continue to disrespect our flag: 

I want to thank you for freeing up my Sundays. Some of the earliest memories of my life are watching Steelers games with my dad. I was once a season-ticket holder. I have occasionally missed a few games on TV through the years due to scheduling conflicts, but I can honestly say in my 44 years of living, I have never intentionally turned off a Steelers game. That changed today. As I sat down to watch the Steelers-Bears game today, I learned from the sideline reporter that the Steelers chose not to participate in the national anthem. I realize that there is a lot of injustice in our country. I realize that there are a lot of people upset at the current administration. I realize that we live in a free country where people have the freedom to not participate in the national anthem. I also have the freedom to not spend another minute or dollar on your product. I am of the opinion that this is quite possibly the worst way to go about “protesting.” If you want to hold a rally at Heinz Field to allow your players to voice their opinions, that would be fine. If you want all the Steelers and NFL players to march on Washington D.C., fine. But to not participate in the national anthem is an insult to every serviceman who has served or has passed away defending this country. If you are truly that unhappy with the country, feel free to play for the CFL. So thank you, Steelers and NFL, for freeing up my Sundays. I will no longer waste my time or money watching your product. The weather today the in Pittsburgh area is beautiful and I can not think of a better day to spend it outside, away from the TV. — Jim Coletti, former fan


h/t Breitbart News h/t Hannity


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