French Member Of EU Parliament Compares Hillary To Taliban: “She has disdain for the common person”


French politician Jerome Riviere ripped Hillary Clinton and sent her scurrying off to the ash heap of history where she and her husband Bill belong.

During an interview on “The National Pulse,”  Riviere compared Hillary Clinton to the Taliban.

But he was just getting started. He said she has “disdain for the common people” and she “believes she is entitled to rule or that her class of people” get to hold power.

Where has this guy been hiding?

“It’s a little bit like the Taliban,” he started.

“They believed that they knew better and they wanted to rule the people whether they liked it or not.”

“It’s the same thing here,” he said.

“She believes she knows better and she should be entitled to ruling the country.”

“I hear someone that does not respect the people anymore,” Riviere said earlier in the interview. “When she called the people voting for Trump ‘deplorables,’ it’s the same thing,” he said.

“She has disdain for the common person,” he continued. “She believes that she should be entitled to rule, or her class should be entitled to rule the people because they know better.”


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