First Night of GOP Convention Gets Nearly Six Times More Views Than Start of Dems On C-SPAN Livestream


The early ratings are in and they are bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrats. The Democratic National Convention was mostly gaffe free which was a concern for the left.

The ratings were down, significantly from 2016 when Hillary Clinton, a candidate with more unfavorable than Biden, at least brought the eyeballs.

Joe Biden and the Dems not so much for their 2020 effort. Many blamed the virtual nature of the convention so all eyes are on Trump’s numbers.

So far so good from Trump as CSPAN announced the RNC drew nearly six times what the DNC did at the start.

From The Hill:

C-SPAN’s livestream of the first night of the Republican National Convention has attracted nearly 440,000 views, marking a substantial increase over the start of the Democratic National Convention, which drew 76,000 views.

The numbers for Monday night come ahead of traditional TV ratings from Nielsen Media Research, which will be released on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Nielsen, 18.7 million people tuned in to the first night of the virtual Democratic convention from Milwaukee and Wilmington, Del., on Aug. 17, which featured speeches from former first lady Michelle Obama and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R)

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday night was watched by 21.8 million people on TV, beating out the numbers for other major speeches at the party’s convention earlier in the week.

Still, the numbers for Biden mark a 21 percent drop from presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic convention in 2016.


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