First Abortion Challenge Headed To Kavanaugh Court And Liberals Are Terrified


The left’s nightmare has just become its new reality.  Look, elections matter and they have consequences.

The left can go on about process and procedure but the only thing that really matters is power. This is not new either, power has always driven the agenda in Washington.

And every state capitol – who has it and what leverage do those without have is what it comes down to when decisions are made.

Trump made his with Kavanaugh and the rest is history. There are many abortion cases making their way up the courts and even if the Roberts court upholds Roe v Wade it has shown a desire to allow the states a free hand.

From The Free Beacon:

The state of Indiana is asking the Supreme Court to uphold a ban on sex, race, and disability-selective abortion in what may be the first abortion case heard by a now-majority conservative bench.

The state Department of Health filed a request for a hearing in the case of Commissioner of Indiana Department of Health v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana. The suit stems from Planned Parenthood’s challenge to Indiana HEA 1337, a state bill that was signed into law by then-governor Mike Pence in 2016. HEA 1337 did two important things: mandate that abortion clinics dispose of aborted children’s remains in the same way as other human remains, i.e. through burial and cremation; and banned abortions solely motivated by a child’s undesirable sex, race, or disability status.

From WNDU:

Indiana is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments over a law that bars women from having an abortion based on gender, race or disability.

The law was signed in 2016 when Vice President Mike Pence was Indiana governor. But federal courts have blocked it, saying it violates a woman’s right to end her pregnancy.

Attorney General Curtis Hill on Friday asked the Supreme Court to take the case. He acknowledged a right to abortion but says it’s “not a right to decide which child to bear.”

Ken Falk of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana says Indiana’s petition is an attempt to infringe on the right to abortion.

The law also requires abortion providers to dispose of aborted fetuses in the same way as human remains. That section also was blocked.

“Nothing in the Constitution prohibits states from requiring health facilities to provide an element of basic human dignity in disposing of fetuses,” Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said in a statement. “These tiny bodies, after all, are in fact human remains. Further, states have every reason and right to prohibit abortions from being performed simply as a means of selecting the race, sex, or physical condition of a child. The right to abortion declared by our Supreme Court protects only the decision not to bear a child at all, not a right to decide which child to bear. Our nation knows only too well the bitter fruits of such discrimination.”


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