Every Reporter Speechless After Trump Hits With COLD HARD FACTS!

Image Source: SwampDrain.com

On Tuesday, President Trump held an EXPLOSIVE press conference on infrastructure and rebuilding America. Soon after, he took questions from the crooked liberal media. As expected, the media showed up with their biased hatred, with no concerns or care for making America great again. Fear not, we have a SAVAGE President. He showed up ready for their political smears and held them accountable. (VIDEOS BELOW)

As the crooked liberal media (CLM) insisted on asking redundant biased questions, President Trump opened up a BIG can of whoop ass and showed them who was boss. The media kept insinuating “Alt-right, Neo Nazi’s, White Supremacists, and White Nationalists,” BUT failed to mention the “Alt-Left and Antifa.” President Trump blamed both sides for the violence over the weekend. He is no dummy, and neither is the majority of America that is fed up with any and all violence on either side. What the media fails to mention is the “left’s violent.” The crooked liberal media made the events that happened over the weekend a racist mess only carried out by the “right.” (VIDEOS BELOW)

President Trump blamed BOTH sides in the Charlottesville violence. This clearly shows HE IS NOT RACIST. (VIDEOS BELOW)

Hey crooked liberal media! Antifa, and Black Lives Matter groups also showed up. Where is the outrage? Why aren’t you mentioning them? OH! IT DOESN’T FIT YOUR NARRATIVE. We at Swamp Drain FORGOT. It’s time to declare the Alt-Left aka Antifa, a domestic terrorist organization! (VIDEOS BELOW)

On one more note, while we are at it: the media is never satisfied with what President Trump does. When he shoots off and says something on Twitter, they cry. When he says something too fast, they cry. Now, he waited over the weekend to get all the facts and it wasn’t fast enough for them. Grow the F up crooked liberal media. Watch President Trump SUCKER PUNCH the ridiculous press and call out their hypocrisy. (VIDEOS BELOW) SEE FULL PRESS CONFERENCE REMARKS- 2ND VIDEO.

Watch the Full EXPLOSIVE Press Conference Below:



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