Election 2018: Gingrich STARTLES AMERICA, giving Republicans some CRAZY ADVICE.


This week former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, penned a long opinion piece for FOX News, discussing President Trump’s State of the Union Speech and giving Republican candidates for the 2018 Congressional and Senate races advice on how to win.

Gingrich starts out by calling the President SOTU speech “very powerful and very effective” and that it “rivaled anything that Ronald Reagan did.” Then he says something that is fairly shocking.

Newt Gingrich does not believe that the “traditional” Republican party would be able to win this fall.  Fortunately this is not the traditional Republican party, it’s the Donald J. Trump Republican party.

Gingrinch is confident that President Trump will in 2020 regardless of how the Republican’s do this fall. He says that, this fall, it’s not about money at all.  Gingrich, an expert on political campaigns, if anyone is, feels the Republican party cannot win the old way this fall, regardless of how much money they receive.

According to Gingrich, everything must be done differently.  Newt breaks it out into three points that must be followed in order to win.

Here are his three points (in his words).  From Fox News:

  1. First Principle: Go home and take on everyone. Don’t talk about safe seats, not safe seats, all this bologna. When we won control in 1994, we ran against every Democratic candidate except three.

We beat the chairman of Ways and Means of downtown Chicago. We beat the first Speaker of the House to lose since 1862. We beat the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Houston suburbs. No Republican consultant would have recommended running against any of them.

We are in a similar situation this year because every Democrat went out idiotically and voted no on the largest tax cut in your lifetime, and they have to go home and explain that.

2) Second Principle- Second, don’t complain about the news media. The news media is a fact. The news media is the offensive wing of the other team. They are not the problem. They are a fact. What we do about them is the problem. So, we have to design a campaign plan, and we have to train our candidates assuming the worst about the news media. Whenever you interact with the news media you should assume you’re going into a war zone. You should plan to take the host head on and challenge their assumptions.

I read the transcripts every Sunday. You would be amazed how many of our folks are too slow, too untrained, and don’t know what they’re talking about. So, they walk in as though George Stephanopoulos is neutral. I mean not only was he the Clinton press secretary, who gave $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and we allowed him to chair a presidential debate in 2012. Now, you at least have a minimum rule. Nobody who’s completely on the Left is going to get to chair anything for this party’s good future.

3) Third Principle- Point Three: We have to have the courage to fight. You have to be prepared. When someone gets up, the junior senator from New York, and says, “You know, if you talk about chain migration, it’s racist.” But we need to say: “You must be losing this debate on the facts so badly that you’re now reduced to scream ‘racism,’ which is, by the way, what you scream about virtually anything, unless of course that’s homophobia or something else.” The Left has no arguments left except to yell nasty names.

And we have to go nose-to-nose with them to knock them down mentally and psychologically.  It’s very important for us to understand this is a fight. We are in a cultural civil war with people who despise us. There’s no neutrality in there. And that’s why they dislike Trump so much, because Trump has the nerve to talk about MS-13 because they can’t answer it. The more he is right, the more enraged they are.

Click HERE to see Newt’s entire article

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