Diamond And Silk Came In On A WRECKING BALL Dropping TRUTH BOMBS

Image Source: Diamond and Silk

Sunday on Fox and Friends, the Trump supporting Duo Diamond and Silk made a visit with a bang!

They slammed the left who always resort to pulling the race card on the President, and they called out those who criticize the two of them for supporting President Trump.

Diamond and Silk are fearless and speak their mind with the truth. They won’t stand for the hypocrisy or bashing of President Trump. They should make an appearance on The View and put those ladies in their place. Watch the TWO videos below as Diamond and Silk come crashing in LIKE A WRECKING BALL.

“President Trump is not a racist. He’s a realist. And, the only color he sees is green, and he wants you to have some of it!”

Then, they called out Barack Obama the phony, after his remarks slamming people who watch Fox News. (VIDEO BELOW)

“It sounds like Barack Obama is living on a planet in La La Land. He’s the one who’s running around still acting as though he’s the president – he’s not.”

We love Diamond and Silk! They tell it like it is. Do you agree with these wonderful ladies? Let us know in the comments below.


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