Desperate Megyn Kelly Sells Whats Left Of Soul To Try To Destroy Scott Baio’s Reputation

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Megyn Kelly is a national joke at this point and she seems to be the only one not to know it. Please, can someone inform Megyn and NBC that her 15 minutes of fame are up?

Kelly’s show is a dud on NBC and her after Sunday show tanked and was canceled, Megyn is running out of options.

Just last week she was taken off the air for a day after she started a feud with Hanoi Jane Fonda. Reports of celebrities boycotting her show are legion and NBC is in full panic.

They are paying her upwards of $20 million a year to get low ratings and everyone knows that is not sustainable.

So what does Megyn Kelly do to try to save her career? Go after Scott Baio – a safe celebrity to attack because he is a Trump supporter

Shameless and whatever bits of a soul she still had left is no more.

Here is the backstory.

Nicole Eggert, who costarred with Baio on ‘Charles in Charge’ accused Scott of sexual assault a few years ago when she was trying to save her own failing career.

Baio does not deny the encounter happened but said Eggert was at least 18, possibly 19 or 20 when it happened and that she seduced him.

“I remember her calling me and asking me to come over and coming in my house one time, and seducing me,” Baio said. “Any normal heterosexual, red-blooded American guy, the outcome would have been the same.”


She tried this stunt before and was all set to appear on Dr. Oz’s show when Scott’s lawyers showed Dr. Oz the evidence that they were being duped.

Dr. Oz refused to let her on his show after seeing the facts.

But Megyn, ever desperate for ratings, has no such qualms about reporting lies and is planning on having Eggert on her show tomorrow.

Megyn Kelly is a sinking ship and NBC better get wise before she drags down the entire network.


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