Congressional Candidate EXPOSES What Really Happened To Hannity’s Twitter Account

Image Source: Thomas Dillingham

On January 26, 2017 Sean Hannity’s Twitter account went haywire. His account sent 3 Tweets one right after the other. The message in the Tweets was cryptic. Saying:

“Form Submission 1649” (VIDEOS BELOW)

The internet was on fire with searched from 1649, form 1649, and form submission 1649.

A few hours later a Congressional Candidate, Thomas Dillingham, pointed out something strange about Sean Hannity’s website. The “reCaptcha” was broken. A recaptcha is used to make sure that a human being is using a form on a website and not a bot. (VIDEOS BELOW)

Educated Guess. Looks like hacker(s) may have tried to use the Contact Us form on to attempt to inject malicious code into the @seanhannity Twitter account triggering Twitter security. Notice the reCaptcha is broken on the site, a tell tale sign something isn’t quite right. from The_Donald

It turns out Thomas Dillingham used to hose some very well know WordPress sites, at least until Facebook took down all of his customers’ Facebook Pages. If anyone know what is going on, Thomas does. In addition he hosted very popular Pro-Trump blogs.

A few hours later Thomas released a video explained what he found. In the video he pointed out that the website has a Contact Us Page. On that page he showed his YouTube users what the webpage code looks like. There it was 1649.

1649 is the number for the Contact Us form. In his video he explains that this issue was likely caused by someone who used the website to hack Sean Hannity’s Twitter account. 

 Watch Thomas explain what happened below:

It seems this mystery is solved for now, except answering one huge question. Who hacked Sean Hannity and why? Was it an attempt to silence him because he is getting so close to the truth. Sean Hannity has made no secret that he believes that the Obama Administration engaged in a conspiracy “worse than Watergate.”

Was it the NSA, the CIA, or the Russians that hacked Sean Hannity? Now we know WHAT happened, but the question remains, WHO did it?

Sean Hannity is getting very close. Who do you think hacked Sean Hannity? 


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