CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gives Up Game, Says They Don’t ‘Fact-Check’ DNC Because Dems Don’t Lie Like Trump”


Chris Cuomo gave up the game last night in a stunning g segment with Don Lemon. During CNN’s end of the Republican National Convention coverage, network host Chris Cuomo defended the all the fact checking CNN did on Trump versus Biden.

Cuomo argued that Republicans and especially President Donald Trump lie more than Democrats so CNN had to do more fact-checking.

It’s a ludicrous claim on the face of it, and Cuomo didn’t argue it any better:

“Again, well, who are people going to believe? We’ll see who makes the better case.

And yeah, you can fact-check it to death.

We could fact-check this convention all night.

People were saying you didn’t fact-check the Democrats.

They are not lying, the way Trump does. Do politicians lie?

Of course, both parties engage in it. Yes, I’ll give you the full ‘Guilfoyle.’

But not like Donald Trump.

Nobody lies the way this man does, has, and will that I’ve ever seen in politics. So he’s lying to you.”


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